We are a Custom Remixing Service! Our remixes are done by Professional Dj’s & Producers that can create custom remixes for any event! We will work with you to create the perfect soundtrack for your event.


What Our Clients Say

Ramya Shinai
This is awesome!!!
Ceasar Corona
thank you for the amazing mixes. The people were in Love with them!
Maurice Weindel
This works thanks! The transition between the last 2 songs is awesome.
Sharon Boslet
Awesome! This is great. I am completely satisfied with the final revision.
Brandy Duplessis
Thank you for your work. Like it. An easy warm up with not so much different Songs. I Like it.
Anita Ledig
Thank you
I love it !
I love it, thank you!
Suze DeArmond
It is as perfect as a Gringo Mix would be !!!! Muy Caliente
Ramya Shinai
It´s fantastic!!!!!!!!! We´re are rocking the living room right now!!! Can´t wait to use it in my jam session this weekend!!!!!
thank you very much!!!
Claudia Waker

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