Q. What is Zmixes?

A. ZMixes.com is a re-mixing service designed for use mainly by performance Workout instructors & DJ’s. The re mixes contained on Zmixes.com are produced by professional DJ’s and music producers for the sole purpose of enhancing an workout instructor or DJ’s overall performance. By PURCHASING you certify that you are a working instructor or DJ and will use the material obtained on Zmixes.com for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance and will NOT sell, resell, or redistribute any of the files acquired within this web site. Furthermore, before purchasing any of the re mixes on Zmixes.com, you certify that you are already in possession of the original works contained within the remixed composition(S) respectively.

Q. What are Zmixes Privacy & Cookie Policies?

A. Zmixes Privacy & Cookie Policies can be found here.

Q. How fast do i receive my purchased items ?

A. We will deliver orders within dates provided by the client.

Q. How do I download my purchase?

A. 1. The page after checkout has all the links to download your product.
2. We will email a link with the final product.
3. You may download all your purchases at anytime in My Account section under Downloads.

Q. How do I Transfer my Mix to my iPhone / iPod /Ipad ?

A. First you need to download your mix to your  pc / mac . Import into iTunes (see tutorial how to import music or videos to iTunes PC / MAC ). Connect your Device to your pc /mac and transfer your mix to your device (see tutorial on how to transfer from iTunes to your iOS device see video here )

Q. What happens if  I lose my Mixes ?

A. Your downloads are always available to re-download in My Account section under Downloads.

Q. Do you make Custom mixes?

A. Yes, we provide custom mixes per the individual request.

Q. How much are the mixes?

A. Prices vary based on the mixes length.

Q. Do you issue refunds?

A. All Sales Are Final. If it so happens that the product is defective on our part, then we can either fix the problem or issue store credit.

Q. Are custom mixes resold to other customers?

A. Custom mixes are not re-sold to anyone. (unless approved by the instructor)

Q. Can I hire Zmixes for an event?

A. Yes. We have professionally trained DJ’s that are available for any event. Just contact us.

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